5 Best Central Heating Systems for Your Home in Ireland

Staying warm during those cold and damp Irish winters is at the top of every homeowner’s mind when the season comes around. Are you finding that there isn’t enough heat around your property, or energy bills are far too high? It might be time to consider a new central heating system for homes.   5 […]

Reducing Home Energy Costs with a Solar Energy Grant

  Have you ever thought about how green energy, such as solar heating systems, can benefit your home? Today in Dublin, energy costs are shooting through the roof. We are using more power than ever to run our demanding appliances and amenities – especially as we stay home more. There are solutions, though, to help […]

3 Most Popular Heating Systems in Ireland – To Ask Your Contractor About

We all know heating systems are essential to help us through the Irish winters and keep a happy home. Homeowners are continually searching for ways to better their comfort, be friendly to the environment, and save on energy costs. This has led to particular heating systems choices – and these are the 3 most popular […]

Is It Time To Replace Your Boiler?

In and around Dublin there are many properties that have ageing heating systems, with houses that are decades old, and more. Many householders do not realise that their properties may be costing them hundreds every year through an inefficient and old boiler. Newer boilers are geared up to be more efficient and safer. However, be […]

Heating Systems for Homes – Which One Will Save You Most Amount of Money

If there are two things Irish homeowners love, it’s good heating in the wintertime and saving money. Who said that you couldn’t have the best of both worlds? Remarkable advancements in heating systems for homes are now allowing houses to save more than ever on household energy bills – and some really help cut costs. […]